About us

Voice of Environment , as name represents is all about Environmental updates from around the world.

Voice of Environment started in earlier 2019 to raise:

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Highlight Environmental Issues
  • Knowledge and Experience sharing
  • Updating everyone about Research, Events, Jobs, Scholarships, Institutions
  • Share opinions about current issues and action taken on them
  • Guiding the new Environmentalists/activist
  • Acting as a single Platform for all information on Environmental studies

With global approach on agenda, Voice of Environment wish to continually broaden its coverage, taking contribution from Authors or activists globally.

We do realize that there might be some ads in the site (google ads, word ads, amazon ads) , these are necessary for the smooth functioning of this site(servers, site costs). So, it is humbly requested to you to bear with that and cooperate with us to raise our collective voice for environment.