2022 Environmental Resolutions

Make 2022 a Green New Year: 30 Easy and Effective New Year’s Resolution Ideas List

New year’s resolutions are a traditional habit of many people but none of us really do them. This year commit to creating a set of goals for yourself should include environmental conservation as well. Make this year your New Year’s resolution one that helps your planet. Each year, people make a resolution to improve in some way in their life each time. It is time to take responsibility, change our way of life, and embrace a more environmentally conscious life this new year.

The Importance of Environmental Resolutions

The Earth is changing rapidly, and entire species of plants and animals are going extinct before we ever get a chance to understand them. Under our constant and growing demand, precious natural resources like freshwater, fertile soil, and forests are becoming depleted, destroyed, or much harder to find.

The industrial toxins we’ve put into our air, water, food, medicine, furniture, clothing, workplaces, and homes are taking a massive toll on our public health—in the form of cancer, autoimmune disease, and more.

Loss of resources is directly related to our own health since the World Health Organization says that environmental factors cause 13 million deaths each year and over 25% of diseases globally. Asthma, cardiovascular disease, and stroke are all affected by climate change. 

The objective of making resolutions is to make changes in our lives, so if 10% of the population makes changes considering the environment and adopts environmental resolutions, it will make a huge difference.

  1. Go meatless (Mondays and More)!
    • by eating less meat you can reduce your carbon footprint, save water, fossil fuels and can reduce GHG Emission
  2. Make longer trips sustainable
    • If you are making a long trip, opt for the more environment friendly means of transportation
  3. Try air-drying clothes
    • Try drying your clothes in air instead of machine to reduce carbon footprint
  4. Ditch Disposables
    • Don’t use disposable item instead use reusable utensils, cups, etc
  5. Get a Home Energy Audit
    • Get your home energy audited because there might be some energy losses that you might not be aware off. This way you can reduce energy consumption which reduces your bills as well as your carbon footprint
  6. Leave the car at home
    • whenever possible leave your car at home and travel locally or take ride from your friend
  7. Reuse, Repair, Repurpose instead of buying new
    • encourage 3Rs techniques and reduce new buys
  8. Buy Used
    • if you can buy used items, this way you are protecting precious natural resources and nature
  9. Reduce food waste: Eat leftovers!
    • don’t waste food, take leftovers to home and eat later or donate some
  10. Ditch toxic chemical cleaners
    • check for the chemicals you use in your daily life and ditch the toxix chemcals of any kind
  11. Buy local
    • By buying locally, you are not only supporting your local community but also reducing your carbon footprint
  12. If you drive, make it an electric vehicle
    • Make switch to electic or hybrid vehicles and reduce carbon emsisions
  13. Bring Your Own Bag and Other Reusables
    • Bring your bags for shoping and spoon or glasses where ever it is possible and reduce plastic pollution
  14. Buy bulk
    • Before making a travel to buy something, make a list of what ever you need and buy in bulk (dont waste anything)
  15. Bring your own lunch
    • Bring your lunch to your trips to avoid burning fuels in nature
  16. Don’t Idle! Turn off Your Car Engine
    • Dont keep your car engine runing, it wastes alot of fuels and release emissions. turn it off
  17. Reduce single-use plastic consumption
  18. Carpool to social events
    • Whenever you travel to social events, join others
  19. Order Online Less
    • when you order online, alot of processes goes on to ship the products to you, if you can find a product in your local store, try buying there.
  20. promote environmental protection
    • promote environmental conservation activities, support environemntal groups, take part in environmental debates
  21. discourage products which cause harm to environmental quality
    • Identify and discourse environmentaly harmfull products
  22. Encourage governments to protect environment
    • The governments came to power with your votes, so promote and encourge your representatives to take steps for environmental protection
  23. Work to Reduce social injustice
    • Social injustice and improper allocation of resouces harms the nature
  24. Start using reusable water bottles
  25. Only Buy Sustainable clothings and avoid fast fashion
  26. Spend more time in Nature
  27. Reduce paper towl usage
  28. Compost and grow your own kitchen garden
  29. Plant Trees
  30. Learn something new about environmental protection and advocate it

So, now as your are aware about some sustainable and attainable environmental resolutions for 2022, you can pick some of them and start saving the world from climate catastrofe. It is also important to remember that the greatest responsiblity is on governments and corporations to change their behavior and work for environmental protection but your small steps like switching to reusable plastic bottles or not using plastic straws also matters a lot. Thank you and Good Luck for 2022.


2 thoughts on “Make 2022 a Green New Year: 30 Easy and Effective New Year’s Resolution Ideas List

  1. Why do you think so many of us make resolutions that we do not keep? This also reminds me of the way global leaders make climate pledges (resolutions), which as leaders we are not keeping as well.


    1. I think its Greed, Selfishness, and the desire to have more that make them, not to keep their climate promises. regarding personal resolutions, I think people make un realist and too many pledges, and cant keep up with them. Should make focused pledges.


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