Individual's role in Environmental Protection

Individual’s Role in Environmental Protection

Daily reports on pollution and climate change are worrisome and it also highlights the ways through which humans are themselves destroying their only habitat. If we look at the situation one may think that we can do anything right now and think to ourselves how to save the environment from this climate catastrophe or what can someone do as an individual to save the environment. There is also a controversy on “climate change whether it’s real or not”.

While that’s where we are totally wrong. To bring huge changes, yes governments need to be involved but as an individual person, everyone can do a little to save the environment. There are a lot of environment friendly moves someone can take to preserve the environment. Being eco-friendly / living a life centered on saving the environment is also good for the wallet.

There are a variety of areas where you can take steps to reduce your environmental impact and save the environment. Below are some of the areas where you can do a lot to help save the environment. Don’t forget to comment at the end of the article to help us understand “how you are contributing to help save the planet?”

“An Eco-friendly lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle

  1. Try to maximize usage of day light, this way you can cuts greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Turn off all unnecessary lighting in your home, office, shops and check for energy star before purchasing new electronics
  3. Go on foot and reduce your carbon footprint
  4. Use bicycle instead of bike ( insignificant environmental  impact )
  5. Use local transport instead of personal vehicle (low environmental impact)
  6. Travel together or use public transportation
  7. Use online platforms for meeting
  8. Use energy efficient lighting and other equipment’s
  9. Keep your AC at 26 oC
  10. Shop virtually  (don’t have to travel to store using fuels based vehicle – saving environment)
  11. Buy garments, shoes or accessories made in Eco friendly manufacturing system
  12. If it’s cotton garment, then look for organic cotton tag
  13. Look for garments made from recycled raw material
  14. Order what as much as you eat
  15. Take as much as you can eat (specially on public events, seminar, weddings)
  16. Try to avoid wasting food items
  17. Donate the extra food to avoide food waste
  18. Save water
  19. Understand the expiry date of food stuff and manage it accordingly
  20.  Take the extra food home to avoide food waste
  21. Try to create compost piles (can be used in kitchen gardening, roof gardening)
  22. Avoid food packings to reduce plastic pollution
  23. By buying items with less packaging, you can reduce plastic pollution
  24. Buy items with recycled packaging material
  25. Carry around your own cup, don’t use plastic cups
  26. If you are taking food away home, ask the restaurant, not to pack plastic utensils with it
  27. Reuse items and take reusable bags on shoping
  28. Eat local items (avoids traveling – saves environment)
  29. Buy locally to reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gases emission reduction
  30. Grow your own garden and use plant based items or you can switch organic food
  31. Whenever you buy anything keep environment in your mind
  32. Bring your own bag for shopping
  33. Use non-toxic cleaning agent (eco friendly)
  34. Say good bye to water bottle (don’t buy new bottle, you can use a BPA Free plastic bottle or a glass bottle)
  35. Take care of tree / plant more trees

Read more here on UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion

“Tags contain a lot of information regarding the manufacturing of products, so pay attention to labels and buy environment-friendly products.

Environment-Friendly products would mean that the manufacturer has taken care of all environmental issues during the manufacturing process of their products (e.g. less waste, fewer chemicals, less pollution, etc.)”

Read more here on How Plastic is killing the Marine Life

So act, do, use, and buy Environment-Friendly products to save the environment


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