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Rana Plaza Collapse, Bangladesh- 24th April 2013

On 24 April 2013, Rana plaza in Savar housing, Dhaka collapsed killing 1,134 and injuring more than 2500 people ( different source mentions a different number of deaths and injured). This building had done illegal extension of floor reaching 9 floors. There were five garment factories, shops, banks in this plaza.

The factories in this plaza were producing garments for international brands i.e. Inditex (ZARA), Carrefour, H & M, Gap, Mango, C & A, Joe Fresh, Walmart, etc. Brands didn’t take responsibility for the unsafe conditions in the factories.


Under pressure from public brands paid 30 Million dollars and had to come up with two watchdogs:

Read More on Compliance Requirements here: What is Compliance? Understanding Compliance in Textile Sector

Even after 6 years, the survivors have not been fully compensated. Transparency International Bangladesh found out that 51% of the survivors are still jobless and most of them have not been paid any type of compensation.


Now the survivors are on hunger strike and have 11 demands some of the demands are as follows::

  • Taking steps for the rehabilitation of the survivors
  • Providing medical services to them for life
  • Announcing 24 April as the National Rana Plaza Mourning Day
  • Bearing the education expenses of the victims’ children
  • Ensuring highest punishment of those responsible for the tragedy and confiscating their assets.

6 Years have passed but the people responsible for the accident have not been prosecuted as of yet. Sohel Rana, the owner of the factory with other responsible persons is on Bail. Sohel Rana was convicted of hiding his assets but not on killing.

Even after such an incident, Bangladeshi are still struggling for their basic rights. Recently hundreds of Garments workers were fired just for demanding a rise in basic pay.

Bangladesh Govt., International brands, NGOs need to do more for the provision of Bangladesh Garment worker’s rights.

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