What is Lean Manufacturing System its relation with EHS

Lean Manufacturing System is a systematic method to minimize waste without compromising productivity in a manufacturing environment (Production).


According to Lean, any non-value added action or step is waste.

Type of Wastes:

There are 8 types of wastes on which the Lean manufacturing system is focusing.

  1. Defects –
  2. Over Production
  3. Waiting
  4. Non Utilized Talent
  5. Transportation
  6. Inventory
  7. Motion
  8. Extra Processing

Lean and Safety Relationship

Initially, it was believed that a lean manufacturing system is only to improve quality, productivity and to minimize waste from manufacturing process. But according to research, it was found that lean manufacturing/management systems can help to comply with Social compliance requirements, promote safety culture, improve safety, reduce safety hazards, help in safety programs, and improve processes.

Nike also started using the Lean Manufacturing system (Toyota Manufacturing system) for efficiency. Nike also conducts audits /safety inspections of labor and safety practices in its supply chain. After implementation of standardized procedures of the lean system in the manufacturing process, the scoring of suppliers was improved in their Labour and health, safety, and environmental performance by approximately 15%. There were impacts on overtime, workplace safety, emission, solid waste.

The standardized procedures & principles of lean can help improve safety, health, and environmental compliance at the workplace especially 6S and kaizen events that drive continuous improvement.

Read more here on EHS Compliance Requirements


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